the art of storm thorgerson and hipgnosis


For over forty years, Storm Thorgerson has been designing record covers eschewing computer manipulation in favor of building massive sets and tableaus and ‘doing it for real’ deliriously and relentlessly confounded expectations of the relation of images and music. With intimate interviews and footage of Thorgerson reflecting on his inspiration and idiosyncratic creative process, TAKEN BY STORM explores technology and culture, hyperrealism and the everyday and the role of the  record sleeve at the intersection of art and commerce.

featuring: aubrey powell, david gilmour, nick mason, robert plant, peter gabriel, graham gouldman, alan parsons,

steve miller, noel hogan and fergal lawler of the cranberries, rob dickinson of catherine wheel, dominic howard from  muse, cedric bixler zavala of the mars volta, simon neil and james johnston of biffy clyro, damien hirst, sir peter blake and jill furmanovsky.

photo of storm thorgerson by rupert Truman

this man designed 80% of your record collection

a film by roddy bogawa